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Broad coverage and flexible options designed specifically for IT Professionals

Computers & Media. Pays to repair or replace computers, data and software if damaged, for example, by a computer virus or power failure.

Business Income for Cloud Service Interruption.
Protects business income from glitches in your cloud service by a third-party provider.

Business Income for Essential Personnel. Covers lost business income and extra expenses (e.g., overtime) if your business income is affected by the sudden and unexpected absence of an employee.

Fraudulent Transfer. Pays for loss of money, securities and other property resulting from fraud committed through any electronic, telegraphic, cable, teletype, telefacsimile or telephone instruction. Most insurance companies only pay for fraud committed through a computer.

Employee Dishonesty. Protects you from financial loss due to employee theft of money, securities or property.

Worldwide Laptop Coverage. Pays for a laptop or similar computer device that’s lost, stolen or damaged while traveling anywhere in the world.

Errors & Omissions (E&O)

Coverage consistent with what most contracts require of tech companies, making choosing the right coverage easier including Data Privacy and Security Liability; Intellectual Property; Personal Injury, Media Liability and Contractual liability, including contractual penalties and liquidated damages.

Here are two examples of E&O claims, along with how E&O can help protect your business and customers.


Software failure impacts a customer.
A software company develops and sells workforce management software that tracks employee hours, overtime, vacation and other payroll processing information. Six months after installation, software failure impacts a customer.


E&O Liability:
Negligence, breach of warranty or representation.

Copy infringement of software code.
A software development company builds and services enterprise infrastructure software tools used by other equipment manufactures, as well as network and software companies. A competitor alleges that the software company’s products infringe upon the copyright of the competitor’s own products.

E&O Liability:
Intellectual property infringement


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